Jonty Fisher Trio:

"Opening with the beautiful Wildflower, the blend of Craig's melodic keyboard deftness and the fluid mix of Jonty's double bass and Darryn's skins immediately shows why they are rising stars in there chosen format. This is a collective set that will generate many repeat plays, especially as a more enjoyable CD of trio jazz would be extremely hard to find"

Keith Ames - Musician

"Two to watch out for...bassist Jonty Fisher and pianist Craig Schneider...immensely talented, virtuoso performers while still able to be a tight well-balanced ensemble... "

Joel Taylor - Camden New Journal

"Featuring original compositions ranging from delicate jazz waltzes to hard-driving, foot-tapping swing to virtuosic Afro-Cuban salsa featuring tight ensemble work and astonishing musicianship."

Jonty Fisher Flyright Trio:

"What’s not to like about that?
 Lovely, restrained and tastefully done. 
Well recorded...."

Neal Richardson - Splash Point Music

"A very nice recording, nice easy feel to it.
I can see that would have quite a broad appeal to maybe people who aren’t necessarily hard-core jazz fans.
...nicely played and (Jonty is) obviously a great player.
(the instrumentation (bass/guitar/piano/vocals) is) a nice format. It’s not done that often without drums."

Mark Edwards - Orange Room Music

"Breathing new life in to well known standards, the excellent musicianship of the trio combine to make this sophisticated gig an excellent night's entertainment"

Steve Rubie - the 606 club

"How lucky we are to have such wonderful musicians come to entertain us with such aplomb and virtuosity – this was classical jazz at its best"

Ruth Meech - Dorset Echo

"Nice and laid-back, very, very nice.
On the album they look good, they look like smiley happy lovely young men in ties, we like that. 
Good selection of songs and I think a lot of people will really like this style."

Claire Martin - Best Vocalist - British Jazz Awards and BBC Jazz Awards, BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line Up.

The Ashes Quartet:

"Meeting’ is a fluid introduction to their easy-going approach, which makes for relaxed listening as opener Small Town gently slides it's way into your consciousness. Shoreditch, meanwhile, is a more adventurous original and with bird-like sounds, Frank establishes a different mood where players are given the space to display their prowess. Most promising"

Musician Magazine

"Their performances are lively and engaging. They are talented musicians playing entertaining and inspiring new jazz pieces - fantastic!"

Emma Hickman - Royal Albert Hall


"Deva's mellifluous notes will soothe, excite and inspire...if this isn’t made available to the general public soon it will be a crime against music"

BBC Asian Life

"Featuring Christian Garrick, one of the very finest violinists in the world, Deva take a serious interest in Indian music but do it without succumbing to the fey atmospherics or empty flash you might be fearing. This is extremely high quality stuff"

Bath Festival

"The rich tapestry woven by Deva swept us all away – with, it must be said, little resistance…a rich, rolling, changing textured stream of sound that wound it’s way into your heart and mind. Relaxed, superb musicians, one and all, in this extraordinary band there are no stars – the band itself is the star"

Jennie Macfie - P.A.N. Scotland

"Laid back bass and percussion grooves provide a template for atmospheric soundscapes developed on guitar and violin. A mix of folk, jazz and the ‘exotic’ all the compositions have a rich, haunting quality"

The Insight magazine

"Visionary Indian-Jazz fusion with an electric edge, significantly better tunes than anyone else currently occupying that niche, and some superlative virtuoso playing"

The Bell Bath

The Sara Littlefield Quartet:

"Sara plays her father's music with evident resect and affection - great motivations for any artist. Her charm makes contact with listeners both when she solos and introduces numbers. A promising band playing accessible, melodic music"

Wakefield Jazz, Chris De Saram

"In a proliferation of female saxophonists Sara Littlefield is another one with a bright future. She has a light flexible sound with a swinging feel"

Grimsby Jazz

"Mix a great technique with inventive soloing, warm personality and an attractive, varied repertoire - and you have Sara Littlefield. We loved her in Scarborough!"

Mike Gordon, Scarborough Jazz